Call for Applications (Deadline: February 29, 2016)

The Graduate Center is pleased to announce a groundbreaking new program and a fellowship opportunity for nine (9) doctoral students at the Graduate Center to engage with teaching and learning in community college contexts. Part of the four-year CUNY Humanities Teaching and Learning Alliance (HTLA), generously funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this competitive two-year fellowship offers nine students the opportunity to learn with master faculty and then to teach at LaGuardia Community College. Humanities Teaching and Learning Alliance Teaching Fellows will receive robust professional development from faculty and administrators at both LaGuardia and at the Graduate Center.

Specifically focusing on the humanities and social sciences, the program will give Fellows the opportunity to reflect on the importance of those disciplines in the urban community college context. It will help doctoral students learn innovative methods for translating their specialized doctoral research into engaged learning tailored to the introductory and developmental classroom and, specifically, for diverse students from many backgrounds. This is an ideal opportunity for Graduate Center students committed to public higher education and social justice to participate in, learn from, and ultimately to strengthen the structures that support the students that the City University of New York is intended to serve.     

The Humanities Teaching and Learning Alliance focuses on the value of the humanities for the new majority of college students, and as such is dedicated to training Ph.D. students in innovative methods to teach humanities. A major goal is to support graduate students in mastering the most successful methods for teaching undergraduate general education humanities courses to increasingly diverse student populations. Simultaneously, this program is dedicated to broadening and strengthening access to and opportunity in the humanities for those undergraduates, some of whom may well be identified as having the potential to, one day, become future humanities college professors.

LaGuardia Community College is an ideal partner in this mission. LaGuardia has developed innovative and powerful pedagogies and practices, as well as institutional structures and methods that foster faculty intentionality, mutuality, and exchange. For more, see the LaGuardia Center for Teaching and Learning web site: